A Note To All My Online Dating Matches, Before I Head Out Of Town

photo of man in white dress shirt holding phone near window
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

So please don’t give up on us because I decided to go camping this weekend. I know I didn’t tell you about the trip right away, but I don’t know…I guess I was scared? And I’ve had this trip planned for over a year now. I asked my friends if I could bail and stay inside all weekend chatting with you about what kind of animal you’d be if you were reincarnated, but they convinced me otherwise. I hope you’ll understand. You seem like a caring person from pictures two, three and five.

I’ve looked at the road to the campground and it seems like we’ll lose cell service after about two hours of driving. But I can’t say how quickly my LTE will turn to 4G, then to 3G and the app will start to get glitchy. Oh, how I wish we’d progressed from the interface to texting already! Then (assuming you have an iPhone) we’d be able to talk over wifi. I could create a mobile hotspot. Or I could walk through the woods to the trailer park in the lot next to the campground and steal someone’s signal. It’s no big deal. Really. And to talk to you about your recent trip to Bali it would be so worth it. I bet it sounds lame, but I’m serious when I say: I’m sorry for cutting off communication so suddenly. I’m not ghosting you, I swear. I still care. Please don’t be angry with me. I’ll text you right away on the trip home. And I’ll have the wittiest responses planned, because I’ll have spent all weekend thinking about them. I promise!

I’ll be thinking of you the whole time. There aren’t even going to be that many single girls on the trip. I know you’re worried about that. It’s really just a group of old friends. You probably recognize at least half of them from my pictures anyway. I mean, sure Kate and I hooked up in college one time but that was a million years ago. A freshman year thing. I promise you there’s nothing to worry about. You’re the only woman in my life these days. Why do you think I respond so quickly?! I’m here for you. I’m here for us.

I hope that we’ll be able to make a trip like this together one day. I want you to know that that’s something I’ll be thinking about this weekend. When we sit around the campfire or pitch tents or make mac and cheese I’ll be thinking…”I could see myself doing this with her instead of jealously watching my recently engaged friends whose fingers seem to be permanently interlocked.” It’s gonna be a great weekend.

Anyway, I hope you have a good time this weekend, too! Can’t wait to reschedule our drinks two, three or four times next week!

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