Manifesto for The Union of Uglier Twins


By coming together, we will show the world that we are important. That our voices matter. That we, too, are beautiful- in our own way. For too long we’ve been disrespected. For too long we’ve been marginalized. For too long we’ve been asked to stay quiet while our significant others gawk at our siblings. And so we say NO MORE!

We decry:

  • Being less attractive than your twin does not make you less worthy of affection!
  • While everyone was admiring our siblings, we were busy becoming smart, funny, and interesting!
  • When we ask “do you think my [brother/sister] is better looking than me” we deserve an honest answer- we want the truth!
  • If your friends mention you’re dating the uglier twin, they aren’t your real friends!
  • Together we thrive. Support for other uglier twins is paramount to our survival!
  • We’re made of the same genetic material as our siblings- our children can be just as hot!
  • We’re tired of being ignored at social functions- we have things to say and opinions, too!
  • We demand respect from our better-looking counterparts!
  • We want to date the hotter twins, too- we get it!
  • We like it when people ask “are you related”!
  • We’re tired of hearing our siblings complain about their lives- try being us and having some real problems for a change!

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