It’s a Dramedy


It’s kinda like in between a comedy and a drama. Like, it’s very funny, but it also has a really engaging plot. It’s more than just jokes. It’s a dramedy.

It’s like a sophisticated new form. Think “Seinfeld meets the Sopranos,” but set at an elite liberal arts college. The characters are very witty but also finding themselves. It’s a dramedy.

You can’t find stuff like this on Cable TV. No — Cable and networks have the strictest rules. Things need to be 22-minute sitcoms or hour-long dramas. But this is a new style, something that really only belongs on HBO or a streaming service. Something that can’t be put in a box. Something like — a dramedy.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a dramedy!

“What even is it?” Terry asked?

“Don’t be so small-minded, ok? Eating dog is totally normal in some part of the world,” David responded.

“No, I mean what is that,” Terry said pointing to the left.

“Oh, that’s dead squirrel I hit with my car and meant to bury. Sorry, is it grossing you out?”

“No, I mean what is THAT?” Terry said, standing up and walking to the television.

“Oh, that’s Lena Dunham’s GIRLS. It’s a dramedy.”

The couple picked up the knife cautiously. They didn’t know why they chose to reveal the gender in front of all their friends. Honestly, it’s insane that the doctor gave them a sealed envelope to bring to a baker! But still, as Sheila sliced the cake, she knew that secretly she wanted it to be pink. She closed her eyes and cut.

Moments later, she opened her eyes and came-to. It was green! It wasn’t pink or blue, the frosting was green!

“It’s a dramedy!” her friends exclaimed, throwing sparklers into the air.


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