Don’t Read Your Own Writing

woman holding pen with white printer paper
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Don’t read your own writing. You’ll just be too critical of it — you won’t enjoy it.

Don’t read it after it’s been published. Let the general public take a crack at it, but don’t read it again, and definitely don’t read comments on the Facebook post about it.

Come to think of it, don’t read it before it’s been published. Don’t read it after you send it to an editor for feedback — you’ll just overthink everything that could have been better about it and regret sending it to them.

In fact, don’t read it before you send it to an editor. Once you decide you’re done writing it, be done with it. You’ll convince yourself that it could be better in every way, and you’ll never get around to submitting it. Remember — the first rule of getting published is to believe you’re better than you are, and you’ll never believe this if you’re just rereading and rereading a polished piece.

Actually, don’t read it even once after you first type it out. As Einstein always said, the first draft is best. If you reread it again and again, you’ll just make senseless changes.

Don’t read it while you’re typing it, either. We learned touch-tiping for a reason just put a bildofld on and hope the gramar and spelling come out ok but if not at least your piece will be visually interestest.gin also don’t press backspace just keep moving forward — dont not ever halt profress. Maybe use like or something, but it’ll slow your computer down so maybe just hope for hte best itll be fine.

Don’t read your own writing.


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