Other Words I’d Like Women To Reclaim

woman holding cigarette stick wearing red hat and yellow collared button up shirt

It’s great that women are taking bad words like “bitch” and “bossy” that have traditionally been used to slander women. While we’re at it, I have a few more words women should try to reclaim as a way to empower ourselves.

  • Menstruating: I no longer want us to talk about menstruating like it’s a bad thing. I’d like there to be a female menstruating (getting your period), and a male mens-true-ating (men telling the truth). Like the female menstruating, yes, men can get an object inserted into their bodies to prevent them from ever having to tell the truth.
  • Farting: Let’s call it what it really is: A release of toxic masculinity that slowing seeped into our systems
  • Queefing: Let’s call it what it really is: A fart.
  • Curvy: Everything has curves have you heard of gravity?
  • Ma’am: Maybe ‘ma’am’ was meant to be the contraction of ‘MAn is not as good as I AM.”
  • Bubbly: Bubbly should only be used to describe wonderful things like women and Prosecco, or maybe just Prosecco.
  • Ice Queen: As least you’re royalty!
  • Flaky: Flaky must mean you’re so thin you’re practically a cornflake!
  • The Ladies Room: Can we make this the Senate?
  • Cold: It’s a natural reaction to the weather!
  • Bacne: Let’s not make this about acne on our backs. Let’s make it about looking back on acne.
  • Airhead: Better it be filled with air than with a brain tumor, as my mother always says.
  • Frumpy:  This sounds like great excuse to wear sweatpants to a gala.
  • Crazy: Let’s make ‘crazy’ an acronym for all positive words: Cool. Rare. Assertive. Zoo. Young.   
  • Spinster: I am crushing SoulCycle!
  • Hoe: How else would we grow vegetables? Women keep this society alive?
  • Force of Nature: So is snow, and without snow, we’d have to go to work everyday!
  • Polite: I will cut you.

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