What To Do On A Beach Vacation During A Hurricane

back view backpack bag beach
Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com
  • Eat chips
    You have to make it feel like a vacation somehow.
  • Bake muffins
    Blueberry is preferable, but if there are children on your vacation make a few with just chocolate chips in case somebody in the house forgot how much they hate fruit.
  • Get ice cream
    At least once a day.
  • Make risotto
    Sure, this is more of a winter dish, but it’s cold and windy and the hurricane is stalled overhead so there’s almost no chance of anyone seeing you in a bathing suit this week. Make a lot because it’s even better after it sits for a few days.
  • Roast a leg of lamb
    Or some big cut of meat. Maybe cook up a beef bourguignon? It’s ideal over risotto.
  • Drink wine
    Throw it back as if you’re one of those women who wears wine socks without irony. Or drink beer. Or alcoholic seltzer water (my sister-in-law just turned me onto this). Mix up some cocktails. The point is get drunk, and start early.
  • Learn how to make a soufflé
    Or something complicated that requires a precise combination of flour, sugar and butter.
  • Prepare a cheeseboard
    Using a wide variety of fine cheeses and plenty of treats. Include some fig jam, a red pepper jelly, spiced almonds, grapes, a cured meat or two and any other overpriced delicacy you can find at the local gourmet store.
  • Try pecan butter
    It’s $15 for a 6 oz. jar so it must be good.
  • Cook
    Whatever the fuck you feel like eating. The windows are rattling. The beds are shaking. There are no rules.

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