Everything I Missed While Away From Home

Good morning, Joy!

I’ve been away from my apartment for a while, first dog sitting, then on a family vacation. While the houses — yes houses — I stayed in were much nicer than my tiny old apartment, I missed the damn place and many of the things I keep inside of it. I’m a creature of habit, someone who functions best with a routine and that routine, like everyone’s, involves a lot of objects. Here are the things I’m most grateful to be reunited with after all this time (two weeks but still).

  1. My Coffee
    I’m particular about coffee. I like it strong as hell, boiled over the stove in my little Moka pot, which I’ve written about adoringly on this very site. I’ve been drinking weak drip coffee for the past two weeks and I’ve missed the way three shots of espresso with a splash of soy milk hyper-focuses the mind. I also missed the Joy Behar mug I drink my coffee out of every morning.
  2. My Bed
    The bed I slept in while dog sitting was not only comfortable, but in an air-conditioned room. Still, it wasn’t mine.
  3.  My Toothbrush
    For Christmas, my dad bought me a Sonicare toothbrush. I don’t travel with it and I missed the feel of a vibrator in my mouth.
  4. My Books
    Though I never go anywhere without plenty of reading material (except for a recent trip to Mexico, when I only brought two books and was forced to download a third on my phone), I missed my books. I like waking up in the morning and staring at them, knowing I could take one off the shelf and re-read it if I wanted to, though I almost never do. I like the sight of them, the fleeting reminder of what all those pages contain, of what’s been transmitted from them to my brain.
  5. My TV
    Lest you think I’m some sort of intellectual who reads, I also love to watch dumb shit on my television. I’m not saying TV is dumb, although having worked in the industry for nine years, I can assure it is — especially the shows I worked on and especially the shows I watch. I’ve whittled down my television intake to only the worst of the worst: reality, soapy dramedies and NY1. You go ahead and watch your high-minded HBO fare — I’ll be over here watching Nashville (yes, still).
  6. My Clothes
    I wear more or less the same exact thing every day but it’s nice to have options to reject.
  7. My Computer
    I brought it with me but still.
  8. My Pantry
    Where else can I find four different kinds of peanut butter? I mean besides the grocery store. I especially missed my olive oil because every time I go elsewhere, I have to buy a new bottle, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because now I’ve amassed a collection so large it may accomplish the impossible: get me through pesto season. This past week, I missed my ground flax seed, a key ingredient in my morning smoothie which I couldn’t find for sale anywhere in North Carolina.
  9. My Full Skincare Arsenal
    If I took all my products on vacation, I wouldn’t have room for anything else. It’s good to be home slathering my aging face (I’m not old but I’ve read enough women’s magazines to know we’re all aging all the time) in Deciem serums.
  10. My Blender
    I have a Kitchen Aide blender, recently purchased to replace an older model of the very same blender, which lasted a long time considering my habit of pushing blenders past their limit. Here’s the thing about blenders: most of them can barely crush ice, let alone blend it into a smoothie. In fact, I recently learned that even a Vitamix struggles to blend the things I put inside it (almond milk, frozen coconut milk, frozen fruit, kale, etc). Only my blender can pulverize a smoothie to my liking: thick and creamy, without even the slightest hint of a chunk.
  11. My Photos
    If there’s one thing strangers’ homes almost never have it’s framed pictures of my mom.
  12. My Plants
    I should go water them right now.

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