What I Imagine Goes Through The Minds Of My Instagram Story Viewers

I think we can all agree that the best and only part of Instagram is that you can see who views your story. I spend hours scrolling through my viewers, imagining what each and every one of them must be thinking as they look at the story of my life. Here are some excerpts.

Leaving the Country



  • Ginny’s leaving the country??? Where is she going??
  • I hope she has a good flight.
  • I wonder if she’ll fall in love with someone abroad. I hope it’s me! Too bad I’m not going abroad.
  • A soccer sweatshirt? I didn’t even know she was athletic. What a woman of mystery.

Grilled Cheese



  • Wow — banned from a Grilled Cheese subreddit. What a fucking badass.
  • This girl has courage and charisma! I don’t know where the charisma comes in, but it seems like an uncharismatic person wouldn’t dare brave a grilled cheese sub.
  • I should check and see if I’m allowed to post in the Grilled Cheese subreddit.
  • I’m so curious what she posted. I can’t think of a single picture that isn’t Grilled Cheese



  • Is that a castle???? What a thrilling life she leads!
  • No text — I wish I had more insight into her thoughts, but I guess I’ll have to invent my own.




  • So inspiring that she encourages talent in others.

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