Self-Improvement Or Sign Of A Crisis?

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  1. Going through your clothes a few times a year and getting rid of everything you don’t wear.
  2. Going through your clothes every other week and throwing out everything you haven’t worn in the last two weeks.
  3. Studying philosophy.
  4. Obsessively listening to a philosophy podcast 2-10 hours a day.
  5. Working out.
  6. Working out while crying.
  7. Cleaning out your pantry and throwing away everything contaminated with moths.
  8. Cooking something with all your moth-contaminated goods and eating it so those fuckers will die in your fucking gut.
  9. Finally framing photos of a trip you took three years ago.
  10. Framing 19 photos of a trip you took three years ago.
  11. Practicing mindfulness.
  12. Listening to a three-hour long mindfulness meditation every afternoon while lying on the couch in your un-air-conditioned apartment.
  13. Throwing out an old box.
  14. Throwing out an old box without even looking to see what’s inside.
  15. Rearranging your books by color.
  16. Buying books just to fit your new color scheme.
  17. Buying 1-5 plants
  18. Buying 10-15 plants.
  19. Making a vision board.
  20. Making a vision board that’s just 26 photos of Jennifer Aniston drinking water.
  21. Answers:

    1. Self-improvement 2. Could go either way 3. Could go either way 4. Self-improvement 5. Self-improvement 6. Self-improvement 7. Self-improvement 8. Self-improvement 9. Could go either way 10. Could go either way 11. Could go either way 12. Could go either way 13. Self-improvement 14. Self-improvement 15. Could go either way 16. Could go either way 17. Self-improvement 18. Self-improvement 19. Crisis 20. Self-improvement

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