5 Types Of Trash To See In The New York City Subway Tracks

high st brooklyn bridge signage mounted on blue steel post

We all know what the main tourist attraction in NYC is: The subway tracks. Actually, the empty tracks, before a train approaches, is the only part of the city that isn’t painfully crowded. Sure, occasionally there’s one or two people camped out in the tracks but for the most part you’re home free. So enjoy staring into the tracks and see the sights! Here are 8 pieces of trash to see.

  • The Candy Wrapper: Memories of sugar gone by. Look at the candy wrapper and imagine what kind of candy you’d like to eat. Then go by it from a nearby bodega.
  • The plastic bag: What did it hold? How did it get there? Will it fly back up in the event of a strong underground breeze?
  • The shoe: If it’s a child’s shoe, it represents a scolding from their parents. If it’s an adult’s shoe, it contains notes of alcohol intoxication. Gaze at the shoe for a moment, and then look at your own shoe. Throw your own shoe in if you’re so inclined — every shoe deserves a friend.
  • The cell phone: The cell phone is particularly exciting because you don’t know if someone harrowingly dropped it by accident or maniacally threw it into the tracks in an attempt to digitally detox. Either one is thrilling. If it’s your cellphone, by the way, you might consider jumping into the tracks to get it back.
  • The rat: While not technically trash, you should definitely try to glimpse one when you’re in town.

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