Seven Super Fun Bachelorette Party Activities To Make Everyone Forget The Bride’s Marrying Her Second Cousin

food couple sweet married

Youre so so psyched Emmas finally getting married! Shes your bestie, and you were just waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet, who just GETS her. Who cares if that someone is her second cousin, Bruce? Thats totally legal in like, 17 states.

  1. Bridal Trivia: Everyone can guess the bride’s favorite food, drink, vacation spot, and pet, as long as they don’t ask for her favorite family member.
  2. Guess The Groom: Blindfold the bride, and bring in her fiancee and several other men. Have her grab each mans nose to discern which one is her fiancee. Do NOT mention that Emma and Bruce have the same nose.
  3. The Clothespin Game: Give everyone a certain number of clothespins, and announce a bunch of words they cant say during the shower like bride,” “wedding,” “Bruce,” “second cousin,” “illegal,” “kinda gross,” and potential birth defects!
  4. Celebrity Hubby: Everyone puts the name of the celebrity they would marry in a bowl, and the bride has to match the celeb to her friend. If your friend is related to any famous people, try not to name them!
  5. Favorite Memories: Guests name their favorite memories of them and the bride, and you have to hope no one says family reunion.
  6. Etiquette 911: Ask the guests extreme etiquette scenarios like what if two groomsmen get in a fist fight?what if someone knocks the cake over?” or what if the cops come because you cant actually marry your second cousin?
  7. Famous Couples: Players have to name as many celebrity couples as they can. Try not to mention Chris and Cathy from Flowers in the Attic” or George Michael and Maeby from Arrested Development.

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