How To Write

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook

  1. Figure out what you’re going to say.
  2. SAY. IT.
  3. Say it again, slightly differently.
  4. Say it a third time but more slowly.
  5. Say it once more but this time change the tense.
  6. Say it again but switch the order of the clauses, so start your sentence with “because”
  7. Say it in French.
  8. Make a joke about how you don’t know French, but then once again SAY IT.
  9. Say something that’s not it but then still end the paragraph by saying it.
  10. Jumble up the words in the sentence, but make sure you say it. Example: It say.
  11. Say it in its original form.
  12. Delete half the commas but don’t worry about which ones.
  13. Submit for publication.

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