Post-Breakup Compliments From Girlfriends That Make The Heartache Worth It

girls on white red jersey playing hand game
Love my grrrls
  1. You’re gorgeous.
  2. Well, you’ve never been thinner.
  3. But you’re so much fun!
  4. Wait — but you’re so pretty.
  5. You need to date a guy who bikes because that’s when your ass looks best.
  6. You’re hilarious!
  7. Um OK but you’re so hot.
  8. Your zest for life is so inspiring!
  9. You’re striking, like an old Hollywood star.
  10. I’m not worried about you at all because you’re so strong.
  11. He’ll never find anyone as beautiful as you.
  12. You’re a really selfless person.
  13. You’re amazing and talented and incredible and super fun and gorgeous!
  14. Everyone knows you’re like, the most incredible person
  15. You’re so beautiful.
  16. You’ve got so much class.
  17. That lipstick makes you look even prettier.
  18. You’re stunning!
  19. There isn’t a kinder person on Earth than you.
  20. I swear I’m not hitting on you but you’re like, very sexy.
  21. You’re so cute.
  22. You’re such a babe.
  23. You’re beautiful.
  24. You’re fucking gorgeous.
  25. You’re so ridiculously attractive.
  26. You’re so pretty.
  27. You’re like, smoking hot.
  28. You’re a smokeshow.
  29. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
  30. YOU’RE SO FUCKING PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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