Celebrity Exception Lists For 2018


The classic celebrity exception list is a list you create for people you’re allowed to cheat on your partner with. For example, I might be in a committed relationship but if Jesse Eisenberg ever wants to come and get it (which I expect he will, sooner or later), I’m allowed to sleep with him without my partner being mad. However, we live in a changing world, and people need more exceptions than they used to. Here are lists

  • Celebrities You’re Allowed To Still Like Even Though They’re Known Sexual Predators: There are too many out there for us to eliminate all of them. Don’t take Bill Clinton away from me, he’s so hot.
  • Tech Products You Can Still Use Even Though They Employ Less Than 20% Women: We all need Uber to get home sometimes.
  • Songs You Can Still Hum Along To Even Though The Artist Is A White Lady With Cornrows: You think I’m pretty…without any make up on…you think I’m funny…
  • Wines You Can Still Drink Even Though You’re Technically Sober: It’s been a tough year for all of us, cut yourself 5 exceptions! Mine are white, red, rose, sparkling, and boxed.
  • Racial Slurs You’re Allo – Just kidding! Don’t use any of these.

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