Monday Motivation For The Woman Who Doesn’t Know What Day Of The Week It Is

photo of woman using her laptop

Monday Motivation is great, but what if you have no idea what day we’re on? Just because you don’t have a “job” or “social commitments” like some of your friends doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be motivated! Here, we offer a Monday Motivation for every day. Because you’re worth it, even if your bank account disagrees.

  • Monday Motivation: It’s the start of the week for people whose weeks start, so be grateful that you get to sleep in!
  • Tuesday Treats: Enjoy yourself today with a little extra sugar to help you get over the hump! And I don’t mean hump in your week, because you have none — I mean the weird hump that’s developed on your arm that you’re too lazy to get checked out.
  • Wednesday Wakefulness: Today is a great day to be awake for most, or at least some, of the day. Enjoy yourself this Wednesday with a little extra coffee! All the better to watch TV with, my dear.
  • Thursday Thirst: Thursday’s your night to party! Every night is your night to party because you never have to wake up, but Thursday’s your night to party with friend(s).
  • Friday Fire: Wow, you made it through everyone else’s work week! Reward yourself with a yoga practice that blends exercise with ice cream!
  • Saturday Satisfaction: Great day to sleep in — no one is up early to read your tweets anyway! Today, really give in to your desires until you feel fully satisfied.
  • Sunday Stimulation: Today would be a good day to start looking for a job.


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