Quiz: What ARE You?

close up portrait of young woman
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com
  1. What’s your body type?
    A. Petite
    B. Apple
    C. Athletic
    D. Big booty bitch
  2. What’s your face shape?
    A. Oval
    B. Gorgeous
    C. Square
    D. Heart
  3. What’s your personality type?
    A. Basic bitch
    B. Regular bitch
    C. Quirky bitch
    D. Broke bitch
  4. What’s your hair texture?
    A. Wavy
    B. Honestly, it just air dries like this! (liar)
    C. Curly
    D. Straight
  5. What type of feet do you have?
    A. Sexually arousing
    B. Roman
    C. Greek
    D. Peasant
  6. What’s your breast shape?
    A. Asymmetrical
    B. Titty
    C. Round (fake)
    D. Tear drop
  7. What shape is your nose?
    A. Plump
    B. Bony
    C. Diamond
    D. Titty 
  8. What’s your eye shape?
    A. Almond
    B. Round
    C. Monolid
    D. Pizza
  9. What type of lips do you have?
    A. Pussy
    B. Thin
    C. Full
    D. Plump
  10. What shape is your butt?
    A. A-shaped
    B. Round
    C. Square
    D. Rhombus

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