Critiques of American PC Culture Through The Ages

grayscale photo of man holding light


  • 1840s: Wow, you really think women should own property? I’m sorry, I just can’t believe my voice is being silenced by you refusing to publish my editorial about how my wife can own land when my dog isn’t allowed to read.
  • 1860s: I’m sorry, PC culture has gone too far! The other day, this abolitionist stared daggers at me from across the Church for saying that black people should be slaves! What next, do you want Thomas Jefferson burned in effigy?
  • 1920s: I’m just going to come out and say what you’ve all been thinking — women don’t need to vote. They have all the power anyway because they get to decide what they cook their husbands for dinner. That’s real power, and I’m tired of the bullshit liberals who deny it.
  • 1950s: It really cripples political discourse when I’m not allowed to say that I don’t want black children in school with my children. I have freedom of speech, and I shouldn’t be uninvited to the Fourth of July barbecue because of it.
  • 1960s: I feel like “poll tax” has a bad rap just because it has the word “tax” in it. True creativity requires anarchy, and by anarchy, I mean keeping the existing laws.
  • 1970s: Oh, what, just because I don’t have the reproductive parts to have a baby means I’m not allowed to tell women what to do with their bodies! What next — I can’t tell my daughter to brush her teeth! This is a slippery slope. My daughter is 29, and she has 17 cavities.
  • 1980s: It’s really bad for democracy that I can’t say that they deserved AIDS. They knew what they were doing!
  • 2010: God, it is so hard to be a straight white man! If you hate us so many, why are you letting people get operations to turn into us? It’s honestly unnatural, and I can’t be the only one thinking that.
  • 2015: Why was I fired for saying that young people are smarter? This is like the kind of prejudice Jews faced in Nazi Germany. It’s a generational divide — old people think old people are competent, and young people accurately believe they’re not.
  • 2016: We all know Hillary is a cunt! I’m just the only one with the balls to say it.
  • 2018: Why has everyone blocked me on Twitter?


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