I Can Explain That Large Gap On My Resume: I Took A Chance On Me And It Didn’t Go Well Haha Whoops

businesswomen businesswoman interview meeting
Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com

Thank you! I’m not sure I’d call the work impressive, but I’m proud of the seven years I spent working at the company. And yes, as you can see, I took a few months off before settling into a position at another company. I lasted there a year and a half, which is a long time these days.

Since then? Well, haha, I often say I’m unemployed but the truth is I have lots of jobs. Like, for example, walking dogs. And working at a café, which makes me feel young again! Because I worked at the same one in high school, haha. And I recently did some work for a startup but I didn’t add that to my resume because they never actually paid me. The freelance life, am I right? And…well…I’ve been doing…other things too.

OK look — what happened is actually kind of a funny story. I left the corporate world to take a chance on myself. You see, I thought I had this talent that I wasn’t developing because I put so much time and energy into work. I know that must sound ridiculous, especially considering that things, well, things didn’t quite work out. Whoops! But I had to try. You have to understand that I had to try.

I gave it my all, and my all wasn’t enough so…here I am! No, of course I realize I would be lucky to get this job. I’m thrilled to be here. Please believe me when I say this would be a dream job for me. Well, not an actual dream job like that dream I had and pursued and failed at but, you know, it certainly wouldn’t be a nightmare. Haha.

What am I looking for? Well…stability. Yes, stability is important to me. It wasn’t always! But it very much is now. It’s extremely important to me now. Stability. I need to be stable. I mean, I need a job that’s stable – I’m already stable, I swear! Despite the fact that I wore a Wayne’s World t-shirt to this interview, haha. No but seriously I’m stable.

What else? Well, money. Yes, stable money. A stable income. I haven’t had money in a long, long time, and I’d like some now. So, money, stability…air conditioning. I’m looking for an air-conditioned building in which to spend my days. It’s so nice and cool in here, unlike in my apartment. I’d love to spend eight hours a day in here, wrapped in a sweater. Or nine. Even ten! Sweaters. Just kidding! I meant ten hours. I’ll work as much as you want me to – please just hire me! I need this. I can do the job, I swear. I was really good at my other jobs, until I left them to pursue my dumbass dream, which did not pan out, not at all.

Just for the record, I have given up on that dream and now I’m totally committed to working a stable job in the air-conditioned corporate world making money…unless you have any connections in the twirling community? No, of course you don’t. And of course I gave up that dream the day I lost control of my baton and accidentally threw it in an elderly woman’s face, which coincidentally was the same day I ran out of money and got evicted and lost my phone. LOL!

I just have one last question: do you have some kind of company talent show?

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