How Robert Mueller Should Spend His Imminent Unemployment



  • Listening to philosophy podcasts: He’s going to need a way to make sense of what happened. May I personally recommend The Partially Examined Life?
  • Reddit: I can see Mueller being way into conspiracy theories.
  • Lie detection: He’s gotten in good at it — good enough that I could see him being a full-time hobbyist.
  • Read through his Venmo feed: He’s probably a bit addicted to studying payments.
  • Visit Russia: I bet you he’s been dreaming about a vacation in St Petersburg. Much like how staring at food pictures whets our appetites, consider his Russian appetite whet.
  • Unplug: We all need a digital detox now and then.
  • Gardening: It might be cathartic to pull out some real live weeds.
  • Deactivate his Facebook: He knows better than anyone how toxic it can be to steal data and also look at your exes’ photos all day.
  • Writing a book: He has 16 or 17 novel ideas — the only challenge would be finding a publisher.

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