Comments on A Money Diaries Post of a Woman Who Just Inherited $50,000 Because Her Father Died

money pink coins pig

  • I’m sorry about her dad but she did not need to get a soy latte every morning – make them at home!!
  • We are not all lucky enough to lose our fathers in our 20s. Some of us have to work for a living.
  • No WONDER she needs a gym membership with that kind of diet! She bought $400 worth of catered food – lay off the carbs, girl.
  • Ummmmm…a last minute flight to Ohio? Book them ahead of time! So much cheaper! What could POSSIBLY have made her need to book a $400 flight THE DAY BEFORE.
  • Ugh, the way these urban millennials get money from their parents is just disgusting. I never would have done that – my dad didn’t die til I was 62, and I only inherited $40,000.
  • I better see some charitable donations coming out of this one.
  • A new black dress? What, has your dad NEVER died before?
  • Wow, why’d she inherit it? Is her mom already dead? If so, why didn’t she mention that in her description of her weekly purchases?
  • It’s like, does she even have professional ambition?
  • Ok she makes $60,000/year HOW does she afford Equinox??
  • Omg it’d be so awful to be her right now!! Poor girl!! Williamsburg? She’s about to be stranded there without the L.
  • Be careful – 50k sounds like more than it is, and your dad can’t die again

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