New Oscar Categories


Did you hear the big news, Oscar fans?! The Academy is streamlining your favorite awards show with some cool new categories! Check it out:

  1. Best Hit Movie
  2. Best Date Movie
  3. Best Mistress Movie
  4. Best Back Row Handjob Movie
  5. Best Duane Johnson Movie
  6. Best Animated Movie To Take Your Secret Family To
  7. Best Movie Theater with Mozzarella Sticks
  8. Best Thing Matt Damon Did This Year (Even If It Wasn’t That Good)
  9. Best Star War
  10. BestAvenger
  11. Best Supporting Avenger
  12. Best Reboot
  13. Best JJ Abrams Lens Flare
  14. Whitest Movie of the Year
  15. Best Documentary We Didn’t See
  16. Best Meryl Streep
  17. Best Young Meryl Streep
  18. Best Supporting Streep
  19. Best Cinematography of Meryl Streep
  20. Most Gratuitous Violence
  21. Most Gratuitous Violence Involving Meryl Streep

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