Unrealistic Expectations


white and yellow flower with green stems

The media really shouldn’t airbrush models — it gives little girls unrealistic expectations about the power of technology to save them.


Porn is terrible, it gives men unrealistic expectations that women would order takeout while wearing makeup.


A lot of people have unrealistic expectations about romantic relationships. I think Sleepless in Seattle is responsible — we have unrealistic expectations about how you can fall in love without ever meeting someone. This isn’t true. You need to meet them at least once.


We get unrealistic expectations about how opportunities will just come to us. You have to go seek out opportunities and then miss the ones that come right to you.


You need to abandon your unrealistic expectations that you can change that guy. You can’t change him — only a hotter woman could do that.


I just hate Gilmore Girls. It gives us unrealistic expectations of how walkable New England is in the winter.


Don’t have unrealistic expectations that your friends will show up on time, or at all.


Doctors give us unrealistic expectations about the utility of stethoscopes. In practice, they’re really only good as Halloween costumes.


Lose your unrealistic expectations about being alive. You are actually dead.


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