On Referencing Literature

books on bookshelves

So you want to write a humor piece where you reference a piece of literature. That’s a great place to start! Written pieces are written, much like how literature is written, so already it’s like apples and apples. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when you’re referencing a piece of literature.

  • The book you reference must be Harry Potter.
  • It can be any of the 7 Harry Potters, but it must be books 1-4 because people stopped reading them.
  • It has to be a book everyone knows, and the only book everyone knows is Harry Potter, which is multiple books.
  • If you reference an unnamed book and then the joke at the end is that you reveal what book it is, the reveal must be that the book is Harry Potter. This is always funny because it’s a children’s book, so you look like a dumbass for still reading it.
  • People who don’t consider Harry Potter literature will not read your article, because most people won’t read your article.
  • If you make a sex joke, it needs to be about Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, because my name is Ginny.
  • Read Harry Potter.

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