A Woman’s Sins, Ranked

hands people woman girl
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

10. Killing her husband or boyfriend
It was self-defense but still.

9. Stealing
Women deserve to pay for tampons.

8. Not eating pizza or drinking beer
Wow, she’s like so not chill.

7. Knowing about a band before her boyfriend
Kind of cute the first time but it better not become a regular thing.

6. Having a strong opinion
How would she know?

5. Being smarter than a man
Fortunately this is impossible.

4. Not laughing at a man’s joke
Doesn’t she know guys like a girl with a sense of humor?

3. Gaining weight
A seriously fucked up thing to do.

2. Admitting she thinks she’s physically attractive

1. Rejecting a man
What, does she think she’s better than me? (Yes! Because she is!)

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