On Writer’s Block

pile of white and black boxes
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Writer’s block is something everyone experiences from time to time. It describes the horrible experience of writing your best work on a block, and then having a 3-year-old come and reclaim the block by putting it in his mouth (obviously only a male child would do something so terrible). Here’s how to best avoid writer’s block.

  1. Write in Sharpie: This means that the masterpiece you’ve written won’t come off when the toddler engulfs it in his stupid stupid mouth. Also, you might poison the little brat, which, let’s face it, is a win-win.
  2. Choose an unappetizing block: Look, nothing will scare a 3-year-old off your magnum opus faster than coating it with a little arsenic. Kids aren’t stupid – they know the world is out to murder them. Put your writing on a block that any smart toddler will know not to eat.
  3. Back up your work by spreading it across multiple blocks: Maybe put the first letter of each work on a separate block — that’s a great way to make sure the toddler can’t eat all of it, and that he can’t steal your idea!
  4. Write on a laptop: Laptops are a little more secure because toddlers can’t get the whole thing in their mouths. We’d recommend always backing up your work written on a block by also writing it in Sharpie on your laptop case.
  5. Don’t have kids: The best way to ensure a child never eats your writer’s block is to not have a child. It’s as easy as that! If you can also avoid having friend’s with kids, we’d recommend that too.

Voila! If you follow those 5 easy steps, you’ll never have writer’s block again!

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