QUIZ: Which Microwavable Frozen Dinner Are You? 

two white ceramic plates near microwave on counter top
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com
We all need a good cry from time to time. Sometimes at the end of a long day it’s just all too much. Who has the energy to cook when you’re feeling down in the dumps? Open that freezer and shove aside all the bags of fruit you bought for that juice cleanse you never did, and find the microwavable dinner option that best fits your current state of sadness!

Cry Count: 0-1

Trader Joe’s Chicken Spring Rolls
Ohhhhh you fancy huh? Maybe you cried after watching the newest episode of This is Us and hey, that’s okay. Feel your feelings.

Cry Count: 2-3

Amy’s Organic Burrito
Congrats! You get credit for still trying! A frozen burrito may sound sad, but “organic” means you haven’t fully given up yet. Crying because you’re frustrated with a loved one? Or maybe you didn’t get your dream job? That’s okay, just keep pretending that burrito is healthy.

Cry Count: 4-5

Lean Cuisine
So you’re having a tough week. Your ex got engaged, your bank account is dwindling because you can’t stop ordering shit you don’t need off Amazon and on top of everything else Karen from payroll is being a bitch. This Lean Cuisine will not fix your problems. In fact it will create more, because you’ll be hungrier after eating it than you were before.

Cry Count: 6-7

Easy Mac
It’s okay to be a masochist sometimes. You’re feeling down so why not have a dinner that is the same level of disappointment you feel about life? Keep your head up! Literally. Don’t look down at the watery cheese noodles because it’s too sad.

Cry Count: 8+

Pizza Rolls
Fuck it. Who cares?
Bon Appétit!

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