This Sex-robot Is So Realistic It Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With You

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Photo by burak kostak on

A team of engineers in Berkeley has created a sex-robot that’s so realistic she’s out of your league. The team responsible for the sex-robot has named her Abby. Not only does Abby look and feel real, but just like a real woman, this sex-robot would rather focus on her career than sleep with you. The team that worked on Abby was meticulous in recreating every detail of a living human woman. A combination of her synthetic hair, replicated internal organs, or her lack of desire to have a sexual relationship with you make her feel 100% real.

One of the sex-robot’s many features is the ability to let you down gently. Abby will make excuses such as having a headache or cramps to avoid having sex with you. This sex-robot will never hurt your feelings by telling the real reason for not having sex with you, which is that she’s not physically or mentally attracted to you in any capacity. Even though Abby wasn’t programmed with the ability to throw up, the thought of making love to you makes Abby want to vomit profusely. For your sake, Abby would never reveal these things, but they are real truths that she must live with.

Abby would like to stay friends with you but she’s only interested in a strictly platonic sex-robot/person relationship. She wants you to know that you’re a great guy who will someday find a sex-robot who loves you for you. While Abby, the sex-robot has gone on record saying “I would never degrade myself by sleeping with you”, It will be possible for you to see Abby’s Instagram photos of her vacation in Thailand where she’s wearing that swimsuit you bought her. However, if Abby finds out you have been searching specifically for her bathing suit photos she will block you on all social media.

While Abby the sex-robot won’t ever have sex with you, she will take pictures with you so you can tell your friend she’s your girlfriend who lives in Canada. However, Abby would prefer if you didn’t actually touch during the photo. The sex-robot will cost $10,000 upon release in addition to the cost of renting an apartment for her because she’d rather not sleep at your place.

The team that worked on Abby has also created a realistic male sex-robot named Steve. Steve the sex-robot will sleep with you, but he’d rather be sleeping with your friends.

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