Lies My Parents Told Me As A Child That I’ve Chosen To Continue Believing

affection baby baby girl beautiful
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  • If you don’t say anything mean about anyone, they won’t say anything mean about you.
  • Milk will make you feel better regardless of what’s making you feel bad.
  • Close your eyes — you’ll fall asleep.
  • No one is judging you for not brushing your hair.
  • A bottle of wine is 2.5 glasses.
  • You are special.
  • You won’t mind having a job because you’ll find one you love.
  • Santa is the only person who’s going to try to sneak into your house.
  • You probably won’t even want to have sex before marriage.
  • Most men aren’t out to get you.
  • Death isn’t any concern of yours.
  • Everything’s going to work out ok.
  • There’s nothing living under your bed.


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