What Your Early 2000s Back To School Outfit Says About You

person s wearing white and black low top sneakers
Photo by Rogério Martins on Pexels.com

Matchy-Matchy Purple Outfit
Nothing says, “Look bitches, I had a kickass summer,” like a dazzling purple shorts and tank top combo from Limited Too. Be bold. Pick the matching set with glitter embellishments – the more bedazzled the better. Brenda and her gang of cronies are sure to let you sit with them at lunch when you roll up wearing your L.T. gear.

Animal Shirt And Jeans
What will you reveal about yourself on this first day of school? That you love the warm fuzzy feeling that cats bring to all of humanity, or will you pay homage to your love of ponies by rocking a t-shirt featuring a majestic stallion? There’s always your beloved elephant shirt you could wear as a default, but that feels so 4th grade.

Chic AF
Your mom works at J.C. Penny, which means you’re always looking fresh to death. Ready to stunt on ‘em with those new corduroys and fitted sweater vest? And yes, you will be wearing brand spankin’ new Mary Janes, too. God help anyone who scuffs your new shoes on the playground.

Vacation Look
You come from a long line of ballers. This summer, your parents took you to the tropical destination of your dreams. You can’t properly pronounce the name of the magical land you visited (it was Mexico) but you have the beaded tie-dye shirt and cornrows as proof of your pilgrimage. Use the “oohs” and “aahs” of your classmates as an entryway to start discussing your campaign for student body president.

This happens every year, and yet? You somehow always convince yourself it won’t. Whether they’re from your older sister, cousin, or a tangential neighbor, you find yourself in hand me downs on the first day of school once more. Your clothes feel ill-fitting and threadbare, but at least you found a long-forgotten bag of Gushers in your pants pocket. Score. Sure, you also found a tooth in your other pants pocket, but you’re pretty sure it’s your sister Jeanie’s.

The Outside Your Comfort Zone Crossover
So what if last year you hung around with the girls soccer team, only wearing athletic shorts and tank tops? New year, new you, dude. You’ve always loved Avril Lavigne’s music, and now it’s time to pay tribute to the Canadian artistic genius. Striped tie. Tons of eyeliner. Rainbow suspenders. Converse (just be sure to properly distress them before school starts; squeaky clean sneaks are not punk). When your mom tries to tell you that your outfit isn’t “school appropriate,” give her the middle finger.

School Uniform
Goodbye to the sweet, sweet days of summer, in which you were free to eat popsicles on the couch, Slip ‘N Slide to your heart’s content, and don your beloved Barney shirt free from your classmates’ judgmental eyes. Polo shirts and khaki pants are back in session.

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