Write What You Know Unless You Don’t Know How To Floss

red and white mouth plastic toy and food plastic toys
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Write what you know. It’s the first rule of writing. Well, it was for me but I don’t know if I read the rules in order. I rarely do. Anyway, it’s really important to write what you know. Write about all your life experiences — good and small. Write about people you know and people you want to know. Write about toes you accidentally stepped on. Write and write and write, and have it all be things you know, or, if you are a man, things you think you know. However, there’s one exception to this rule – if you don’t know how to floss, don’t write that.

There a few problems with writing about flossing if you don’t know how to floss. First, you’ll be speaking with authority on a subject that you are not familiar with. Second, your dentist might find out and try to get you to come in for a cleaning. They literally never stop. Third, that’s gross. Learn how to floss.

Not flossing leads to cavities. That’s something I know from having read about it (someone else who knew wrote it, and now I am writing it too, because we both knew it and wrote what we knew). I also know it from personal experience. It sucks have cavities because they are expensive if you don’t have dental insurance, and then your mom will lend you money, but it will be difficult to pay her back because you can’t return the fillings if you’re unsatisfied, not even for store credit.

Honestly, write what you know, but if you don’t know how to floss, take a break from writing to figure it the fuck out.

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