The First Time I Heard Eminem- The Testimonials



Say what you want about the Marshall Mathers—unless I disagree with it—then I am going get angry. But his staying power and cultural relevance is unquestionable. Try and question it, I dare you. I’ll fuck you up (verbally over voicemail).  We ALL remember the first time we heard Eminem. He has a career spanning twenty years and the songs still hit me as hard as the first time I got pissed at my mom. I asked a few of my boys from back home to find out where they were when they first heard the verbal assassin himself. The answers are as varied and powerful as Slim Shady’s discography.


Jonas Barnes- 27- Wilson, North Carolina.

Davidson- “What’s up man?”

Jonas- “What’s up dude?”

D- “Not much. So, tell me about the first time you heard Eminem.”

J- “Well, one night when I was 12 my mom told me I couldn’t just eat sardines out of the can with ketchup on it for dinner and I was all like “fuck you bitch” and then she got pissed for some reason and sent me to my room. I remember I slammed the door so hard on my fingers that they turned purple.  That hurt pretty bad. After that, I put on this mix CD my friend Trevor gave me. Eminem was on there a few times. I heard the song “The Way I Am” and felt like somebody else was going through what I was going through.”


Aaron Peart- 30- Manhattan, NY

Davidson- “Dude, that’s a lot of ketamine, are you sure you want to do all that?”

Aaron- “Shut the fuck up.”

D- “Alright man, my bad. Anyway, tell me about the first time you heard Eminem.”

A- “Alright. Well, I was 14 and my mom had just turned off my GameCube, so I tried to fight her. But, my dad got in the way and I punched him in the face.”    

D- “Um …..ok, so when did you hear Eminem for the first time?”

A- “I forget. Somewhere around that time.”

D- “Ok, what do you do for work these days?”

A- “I’m an options trader for Merrill Lynch.”


George Teller- 28- Lynchburg Virginia

Davidson- “Hey George, how are you feeling?”

George- “Eh, been better, been worse.”

D- “I hear that. So, tell me where you were the first time that you heard Eminem.”

G- “I was on the back of a golf cart heading back to the hotel from my cousins’ wedding at Myrtle Beach. My older brother Jeff played that song “White America.” He told me it would mean something to me one day. Still don’t really know what he was talking about. I do remember chasing a deer around the golf course though. We crashed the cart into a tree before the album could finish. As soon as I got home I downloaded everything he ever made. My parents got a letter from the FBI for that, haha.”

D- “Haha, that’s pretty funny man. What are you up to these days?”

G- “Well, actually, I’m living back at home with my mom.“


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