The Grey’s Anatomy Plot Fact-Checker



Grey’s Anatomy’s 15th Season Premiered September 27, 2018

The fatal brain tumor thing makes a lot of sense, especially since it’s been a full two seasons since we had one (our largest gap on record). However, I do think statistically speaking, one of these 9 characters with a fatal brain tumor would actually die, so could we have it happen to someone we’re open to killing off? Maybe a character who joined after season 11?

Very cool that you want Meredith to get pregnant. I like that she had so much trouble getting pregnant as a woman in her 30s, because usually it gets harder in your 40s, so this is a twist. Like, Meredith is the one woman who becomes more fertile after age 39. Science FTW! But the only thing is if she has so much trouble getting pregnant in Season 8 when she’s having sex all the time and taking hormones, she probably shouldn’t get pregnant from outercourse. Could we at least throw in a little precum?

Ok, so, I like the idea of having a plane crash into the hospital – we’ve had a few plane crashes in the past, but none that actually went straight into the hospital. However, if you want none of the doctors or patients to die, you’re going to need a reason why none of them were in the hospital that day – maybe Cancer took the day off for Yom Kippur?

We could definitely have a bomb in someone else’s body! That’s the sort of thing that should happen at least every dozen seasons, right? Maybe this time the bomb grows inside them. Like a brain tumor that turns INTO a bomb – it’d be a fun plot fusion, don’t you think?

So I agree that we need 5-7 surgeries to happen when the surgeon has a gun to their head, a fatal illness, or no equipment with which to do the surgery. That’s standard operating procedure, of course. But maybe this time we could see the surgeon visibly shaken afterward? Like, maybe the take a day off and lie in bed? Instead of immediately returning to work and performing another surgery with a gun to their head.

I LOVE the idea that this patient comes in which what appears to be acid reflux but we later find out it’s a brain hemorrhage, and then we learn that because of their altered brain chemistry, they know how to cure AIDS. That’s very realistic and really fits the tone of the show. The only problem is that someone with acid reflux probably would not go see a surgeon first. We need to craft a realistic storyline around how they got to a surgeon, and it’s going to involve other doctors, so maybe we should set it up like the surgeons on Grey’s Anatomy don’t think every other type of doctor is a complete idiot — that’d be a fun shift from the previous 14 seasons.


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