Here’s a List of Reasons You Should Give Up on Men and Be a Lesbian

woman wearing blue tank top in front of woman sitting on kitchen cabinet with rose bouquet
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  • Women are the most majestic creatures
  • Double your wardrobe
  • No Mansplaining
  • Have you ever seen a strong woman use power tools?
  • Skin is soft like a baby chinchilla
  • Will ask about your day and actually listen to your answer
  • Womenfolk are clumsy demi-goddesses
  • Will not catcall you
  • Hair like a unicorn
  • Orgasms
  • So many orgasms*
  • No such thing as ugly because every woman is a queen
  • Farts smell like rainbows
  • Very Strong Warrior Princesses
  • ”I am woman hear me roar”
  • Will always have a spare hair-tie
  • Never have to hear the words “Women aren’t funny” or “The female Ghostbusters sucked” again
  • No forced gender roles means everyone can clean, or no one can, so choose your own adventure.
  • Men are trash, but have you met Lesbians?**

*No, but actually, have you experienced a real orgasm?

**Hello, some of us are very single

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