10 Things It Probably Means When He’s Ignored Your Last Two Texts but Has Also Watched Your Instagram Story and Oh It’s the Third Time That’s Happened This Week

selective focus photography of woman using smartphone beside bookshelf
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com
  1. He’s mysterious.
  2. He’s shy.
  3. He’s been hurt in the past.
  4. He’s an artist, he’s sensitive to his surroundings and he needs his space so he can create.
  5. He’s definitely interested, he KEEPS WATCHING YOUR STORIES.
  6. Also he responds sometimes, so, no questions, he’s interested.
  7. In all likelihood, the #MeToo movement opened his eyes, so now he’s extra careful. He wouldn’t want to do anything that could make you feel violated, like responding to too many of your texts.
  8. Plus, only ONE of your last few texts was a direct question, he might not even know he’s supposed to be answering something…?
  9. You should absolutely continue pursuing this.
  10. Maybe by texting again?

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