Men Whose Lives Were TOTALLY AND PERMANENTLY Destroyed By Sexual Assault Allegations


“My family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed” – Brett Kavanaugh, 9 days before he was confirmed to sit on the US Supreme Court

#Metoo is scary. Our president says so himself. It ruins men’s lives, and only with unproven but heavily, heavily supported allegations. Here, we take a look at a few of the men who have had their lives TOTALLY AND PERMANENTLY destroyed by sexual assault and harassment allegations.

  • Louis CK: Took at 9-month time-out to spend more time with his wealth, now performs stand up comedy again regularly. Still tells rape jokes.
  • Aziz Ansari: Lost a magazine cover.
  • Morgan Freeman: His voice is no longer used in Via commercials, which is really life-ruining for all of us.
  • R. Kelly: Briefly taken off Spotify.
  • Al Franken: Has not ruled out running for Congress again.
  • David Mueller: Got a job as a DJ at another radio station.
  • Richard Branson: Allegations may affect one of his 189112 businesses, but it’s not yet clear.
  • Dustin Hoffman: Got grilled by Stephen Colbert once.
  • Ben Affleck: People think his back tattoo is sad.
  • Roy Moore: Lost an election but got people to contribute $250,000 to his legal bills.
  • Bill Clinton: Recently attended Oktoberfest.
  • Donald Trump: I think he’s still active professionally, not sure.

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