Millennial Friend Group Successfully Books Same Day Dinner Reservation 

By Adam Toback

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A group of six 30-something New Yorkers made same day dinner plans and no one flaked out at the last minute. “I woke up thinking, ‘why not try to book a table for me and some of my closest friends who I haven’t seen in a while?’ From there, things really started to fall into place like I never would have imagined,” said Smith Colby, 32.

“I got a group text around 11am,” said Brooke Douglas, 31. “I usually exit group texts right away because they blow up your phone and I’m not here for that culture. But Smith had a vision and I really wanted to support that.”

Same day dinner plans actually succeeding amongst millennials are becoming increasingly rare. A recent study reveals only 8% of same-day reservations are honored in the 22-38 demographic. “The numbers start gradually declining the more people are involved in the reservation,” says OpenTable Senior Researcher Martin Graves. “Couples are of our highest retention rate, but once you start getting into tables of 4 or 6, that’s when you really start to see the numbers dwindle.”

“Honestly, when I first heard about the idea I thought it was doomed to fail from the beginning,” said Conner Samuels, 31. “I saw Becka was on the group text, and she usually doesn’t reply to texts until a few days later. Not because she’s busy but mainly because she doesn’t want to look like she doesn’t have anything going on. When I saw her reply 10 minutes after the first text from Smith, that’s when I knew we really had a shot of making this happen.”

“Choosing a restaurant was my biggest concern,” said Maeve Stanton, 33. “I suggested a French-American Asian Fusion Farm-To-Table Gastropub that had just opened in Redhook, which I felt was a pretty safe bet. But I didn’t realize their vegan and gluten-free options were fairly limited, and literally everyone in our group has allergies, dietary restrictions or just hasn’t had an easy time ordering at a restaurant since 2007. But everyone seemed comfortable with the selection on the menu, and from there it was just a matter of finding a time that worked for everyone.”

And that’s when things took a turn from bizarre to miraculous.

“Literally everyone was free at 7:30pm. There were no conflicts at all. The six of us were just like, ‘umm…yeah. See you at 7:30.’ It couldn’t have gone better,” Says Ben Phillips, 32. “No one even tried to get different checks based on what we had ordered. We just split it 6 ways without any drama. And the table was turned in about 2 hours, which I knew the restaurant really appreciated.”

“Looking back, there’s a lot I can take away from that experience,” says Lily Charles, 30. Her advice for other millennials? “When a friend has an idea to go out for dinner, just make it happen. It’s so great to all get together and catch up if you haven’t seen each other in a while. Texting and Social Media are great, but nothing beats one on one human contact.”

And as for Becka, she finally replied to our request for comment 3 weeks after we sent it: “I’m @ EDM concert…txt u in a bit.”

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