Wrong Times To Suggest Laser Hair Removal


  • A Victoria Secret dressing room: This is the one appropriate time to stare critically at another woman’s body, but you don’t want to point out her body hair. This will decrease her self-esteem, which may cause her to buy a super push-up bra and then increase the competition.
  • The beach: You may catch a wisp of a lady friend’s pubic hair out her bikini bottoms, but don’t jump right in and tell her she can get rid of it forever. After all, she might be confident, a feminist, or just plain European.
  • A wedding: The bride has actually has no remaining pressure to get more attractive for the rest of her life, so it’s a moot point.
  • The subway: I think we can all agree that NYC subways need more seats, but just because another woman’s pit is pressed in your face doesn’t mean you have to tell her to get rid of the hair. Statistically speaking, you’ll never have her pit pressed in your face again.  
  • When someone says they hate their glasses: You’re thinking of laser eye surgery. Different, but nice try.
  • Your cousin’s Bat Mitzvah: Let her enjoy her pubes for at least, like, two years.

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