Review of ‘A Star is Born’ by a Woman Who Has Not Seen It


According to my mom, most women in her book club don’t read the book. Luckily, these women tend to get away with it by talking in vague terms.

Our society seems to be more accepting than ever of people spouting off about any topic they wish, even if they have no details, context, or experience.

This administration has made it OK to be ignorant.

My thinking is: If these women can say they “enjoyed Pride and Prejudice” but offer no deeper insight before filling up a third glass of Pinot Gris and skipping to Karen, if Trump can upend our trade policies without knowing what they are, I too am entitled to have opinions on things about which I know nothing.

For starters, I should be able to review movies I haven’t seen, movies like A Star is Born.

It is true that I have only seen the trailer for A Star is Born, but I know for a fact that this film will change (or maybe already has changed) my life. From what I can tell, it it will definitely change your life too.

When Lady Gaga’s character Ally sings “I’m off the deep end; watch as I dive in,” my heart swells. Just yesterday, following Gaga’s siren song, I sprinted to the nearest body of water and hurled myself into its depths. Sure, the lifeguard at the Embarcadero YMCA was a little confused and yelled “Hey! No running on the deck!” but still I dove from the edge, splashing into a geriatric water ballet class.

Some people on Twitter have wondered, will A Star is Born suffer the same fate as La La Land, a film that people lauded at first, then disavowed months later after sobering up to its brutal whiteness?

Before I answer, you should know that I maybe even cried during La La Land, and told everyone I met about the actors “great chemistry.” Later, as people began to question the originality of this Hollywood love story, and my sister told me she didn’t even think the music was that good, I realized I may have overrated this movie.

Learn from my mistakes? Never. I have not seen it, but I can say for certain that A Star is Born is a classic film that will stand the test of time.

When Lady Gaga went on Colbert and read aloud the lyrics to the song from the trailer, she ended with the statement: “I think we live in a pretty shallow time,” and I was like, wow. She’s so right. Almost as right as I used to think I was about La La Land.

Last week, my coworker blasted that same song from the trailer in his noise-canceling headphones, which did little to prevent Gaga’s high notes from reverberating throughout the office. I had gathered from the aforementioned Colbert interview and from Spotify that this song is called “Shallow.”

Right away, I Slack-ed him a meme to let him know I was a fellow fan.

He was like “OMG, you can hear that?! I’m so embarrassed” and I was like, “yes, lol, but I don’t think anyone else heard. Only true ASTB fans would know.”

“Have you seen it yet?” he asked.

“No,” I replied. “Have you?”

“No,” he answered. “Need to go soon!”

“OMG SAME” I said.

That was five days ago.

In conclusion: Have I seen this movie? No. But do I love it? Yes. Do I recommend it? Absolutely. Can I be trusted? No. But am I right? Yes.

Believe me, this is a good movie. I can just tell.

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