What Your Phone Background Picture Says About You

person holding phone taking picture of served food
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

A Picture Of Food
You’re hungry.

A Scenic Photo Of A Place You’ve Visited
You’re unhappy with your everyday life.

A Scenic Photo Of A Place You’ve Never Visited
You’re a dreamer!

A Photo Of Your Dog
You use your dog as an accessory instead of treating he or she with the respect they deserve.

A Photo Of A Dog That Doesn’t Belong To You
You are normal and/or me.

A Picture Of You And Your Significant Other
Your relationship isn’t going to end well, sorry.

A Picture Of Your Significant Other
Whoa, your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner is hot!

Pictures Of Your Nieces And Nephews
You are selfless, kind and loving!

Pictures Of Your Own Kids
Get over yourself.

A Photo Of A Celebrity Who Inspires You
You have the emotional maturity of a teenage girl (which means you’re probably either an actual teenage girl or a grown man).

A Photo Of Casey Anthony
See above.

A Photo Of Rihanna
You stole my phone.

A Picture Of Me Even Though We Don’t Know Each Other
You have great taste!

A Photo Of Yourself
You’re a narcissist and/or have never met a dog.

The Factory Settings Background
You’re a murderer.

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