Treat Yourself: Eating on Public Transportation

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With only 24 hours in a day, and your inevitable deep-dive into Twitter followed by a full-blown panic attack killing most of that time, it can be hard to fit time into your day for three solid and nutritious meals. In fact, studies* show that most Americans eat at least one meal a day on public transportation. Sometimes, when we’re so wrapped up in thinking about other people’s problems, we forget to practice self-care and grab a bite! That’s why, when it comes to portable meals you can eat on the New York City subway system—we think it’s time to put a little me-time back into your mealtime.

Now, from the makers of eating-BBQ-in-front-of-a-vegan, comes a series of new creations to delight all your senses, and absolutely no one else’s: all conveniently designed for you to eat before the next train stop!


  • Two hardboiled eggs with ground black pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt. Nothing is easier to prepare before work or more convenient to eat on the go than a hard-boiled egg! Yes, this is a shared-smell-zone, but eggs aren’t even that smelly! What are they you might ask? A great source of clean protein!
  • Crunchy, non-GMO Peanut Butter Sandwich. Sure, you don’t know if anyone on this subway is deathly allergic to peanuts, but it’s such an easy snack and you’re hungry! If you see someone near you beginning to go into anaphylactic shock, gently remind them that the nut butter is non-GMO and they’re “being a little dramatic, don’t you think?” before continuing to eat your sandwich.
  • Line-caught, organic tuna fish wrap with artisan mayonnaise. Okay, this one might be a little bit stinky, but beggars can’t be choosers- your fellow commuters are just lucky you didn’t bring an allergy-inducing peanut butter sandwich again this time! Plus, this wrap boasts an array of fresh arugula, high-quality fatty acids and calcium, and a buckwheat tortilla! Yum!
  • Fresh fruit smoothie, made-to-order. Using your battery-operated, portable blender and a wide selection of fresh, organic fruits, you can now have your morning smoothie right on the train to work! Hey, you get it, the high-pitched, sound invasive blender noises might be a tiny bit disruptive for the other commuters. On the other hand, you just made virgin piña coladas– who wants one?!
  • A five-course, farm-to-table meal designed by Gordon Ramsay himself. Sometimes, even when you’re running late, you need a culinary creation to treat yourself. That’s why this five-course, farm-to-table meal is perfect! Requiring only 5 subway seats, a white tablecloth, a full waitstaff, and 55-75 minutes of meal prep time, you can now have your perfect dinner all whilst on your afternoon commute. Is the seared steak a fire hazard? Let’s let Gordon’s anger issues deal with the person complaining about that! Delish!

In an increasingly global and interconnected world, it can be hard to remember to care for yourself. And that’s exactly the reason we’ve created easy, on-the-go, personalized, and healthy meals to do just that! This may be a fully-packed New York City subway car, but this is also YOUR self-care! Bon appetite!

*a lifestyle blog by Gwyneth Paltrow I once read, probably, I think.


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