Fall Candle Scents For The Recently Self-diagnosed Seasonally Depressed 

red lighted candle
Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Pumpkin Spiced Uninhibited Public Crying 

Light Jacket Yet Heavy Existential Dread

Apple Picking Your Battles

Leaves Changing Like Your Vague Long-term Goals and Self-Worth

Butternut Squashed Opportunities 

Wood Burning Desire to Low Key Give Up 

Wow, You’re Getting Out of Bed Now Autumn Sunset Glow

Cool Breeze Undermined by the Socially Anxious Sweat of a Networking Event 

Hickory Smoked Honey, I’m a Co-dependent Self Saboteur

The Crisp Crunch of Your Childhood Dreams Beneath Your Own Heel

Walk in the Woods Where All The Trees are Symbols For Your Undefined Fears

Front Porch Rocking Chair Swaying Like Your Decision To Quit Drinking 

Wait, But You’re Sad in the Summer Too Almond Chai Latte

Mental Health Issues are Wildly Ignored in this Country Kitchen Brewed Coffee 

This Candle Can’t Fix it, Only Your Pecan Pie Can

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