Woman Just Glad That The Person In The Stall Next To Her Is Peeing Louder Than She Is

Photo by Hafidz Alifuddin on Pexels.com

Anne Smith, a local woman using her office restroom, was anxious when someone walked in not long after she did. Soon after the person entered the stall, she was instantly relieved to hear them peeing just slightly louder than she was.

The last thing a woman working in an office setting wants people to know about her is that she goes to the bathroom. I mean, she’s trying to be taken seriously here, she can’t go around flaunting the fact that she pees with a reasonable and average level of force. That could jeopardize her career. Therefore, Anne was incredibly happy when the person peeing next to her had a loud enough stream to cover her sound, so if they happened to bump into each other at the sink she could pass it off like she was just sitting in the bathroom checking Twitter, or watching a YouTube video on silent like a normal career woman. She could have been doing literally anything in there!

Because of this loud peeing woman, Anne was able to time her bathroom break just long enough that it wasn’t weird, but not so long that it seemed like she was pooping: A.K.A. the length of exactly one INSIDER food video. She was able to go back and face her coworkers with pride, knowing that none of them had to hear her pee just moments earlier. Thus, Anne was able to maintain her reputation as strong powerful woman who may or may not have a bladder.

This was not the first time that Anne had been lucky enough to share a bathroom with a loud pee-er. Previously, she had been using the restroom when another woman walked in and peed incredibly loudly, to the shock of everyone in the restroom. Jessica White, a coworker who happened to be in the bathroom at the time, stated, “I didn’t even notice that Anne was in there. I was so distracted by the other woman’s monster stream.” Sources attempted to reach Anne for a comment but she was not present at the time of questioning. One person stated that they think she was in the bathroom, probably watching an episode of The Great British Bake Off on her phone or something.


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