Please Join Us for This Super-Casual Networking Event

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You’re invited to a casual networking event next Tuesday, hosted by the Networking Association of America, the nation’s leader in super-casual networking events. Come meet new people who will probably stare awkwardly at their phones until it fills up. But after two drinks, the networking will really be off the hook (do people still say “off the hook”? Whatever! I’m bringing it back)! Tickets are $50, which includes appetizers and an open bar from 6 – 7 PM, because the secret to a great networking event is a lot of alcohol and a small amount of food.


The dress code is business casual, emphasis on the casual. Wear a dress shirt, tie, and blazer with jeans, aka the “business mullet” (business up top, party down below) if you want. Wear pleated khakis (we don’t judge). You know what, go ahead and show up in your pajamas. You’ve been “freelancing”. We understand!


At this totally casual (no pressure!) networking event, there will be folks just like you who are interested in exchanging ideas, hiring new employees, shooting the breeze about fun topics like movies or sports, making new connections (in a non-sexual way), and exploring partnerships (also in a non-sexual way, except for that one guy who will tell you that he’s in a poly relationship).


Everyone at this totally casual networking event gets a name badge included with their ticket. That means you can go up to the guy whose name badge says “Kenneth” and say “Hi there, Ken!” and it won’t be awkward, but really charming. Ken will definitely be impressed that you used his name and will immediately feel a special bond with you and will in no way end up taking out a restraining order on you in the near future.


Our networking events typically have more than 25 different industries in attendance, maybe even the one in which you want to work! Unless you want to be a beekeeper. Due to a previous incident, live bees are no longer allowed at our networking events.


What makes this very relaxed networking event different? As opposed to the U.S. Association of Networkers, the Greater North America Association of Networkers, and the Great American Networkers Association, we have tons of experience in running networking events. Honestly, don’t even bother networking with those other uptight bro-skis. Our networking event is totes cas (that’s profesh business lingo for “totally casual”), unlike those other stuffy networking events. You can make a slightly off-color joke or gesture vaguely at your crotch at our networking events and no one will throw you out.


Whether you have a specific career goal in mind, or just see the value in meeting other business-minded individuals in a totally fun environment, this is the event for you!  You can expect to add at least two more people to your connections on LinkedIn after attending this event. So bust out those unique b-cards (as we in the networking biz like to call business cards) with bold colors, memorable fonts, and special paper stocks, because you’ll want to make a good first impression. Definitely do not mix up your business card with your boss’s business card due to insufficient lighting, like the kind of lighting you might find at a U.S. Association of Networkers event.


We really hope to see you at this super-casual, totally chill, very legit networking event.

  1. Even if you can’t make it to this event, you’ll still receive four emails a week from us for the rest of your career.

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