Jimmy Buffett Beseeches Parrot Heads to Hear Mother Ocean’s Call and Vote Blue


Palm Beach Post: Jimmy Buffett supports Dems in midterms

Official Statement by his Honorable Jimmy Buffett, Mayor of Margaritaville, Concerning the Election of the 116th Congress.

Dear Parrot Heads,

These are dark times. Though I have found the cheeseburger, paradise eludes me. I like mine with lettuce and tomato, but I support your right to choose. Please vote for Beto!

A pirate has commandeered the ship of state, and in spite of his fragile hair, he is steering it into a storm. This is a man who disrespects mermaids by calling them ‘fish’. A man who, if he had his way, would re-segregate margarita mix into its component parts. To hope that he will change his course, or cease his lies, is like trying to reason with hurricane season. I fear the only only way to change Republican attitudes will be to change their latitudes, far from Washington DC.

I have teamed up with Willie Nelson to lead a mutiny. I beseech you, Parrot Heads, heed this warning: come Monday, come Tuesday, come Wednesday, it may not be alright. Do you hear mother ocean’s call? Then vote blue!

Thank you.

Sincerely, Jimmy W. Buffett

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