Quiz: Are You a Self-defined Male-Feminist? 

man sitting on concrete terrace with mountain overview
Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

We get it! As a man living in 2018 America, it can be hard to figure out how to make sure everyone knows that you’re part of the solution, and not the problem!

Between hitting “interested” on Facebook events for women’s marches in states you don’t live in and inserting yourself into conversations about the governance of birth control because you “read that one Atlantic article last month about it and have a lot of opinions”, it can be hard to find the time to make sure all the women in your life know you’re a feminist too– just like them!

Think about your life in the past few months and ask yourself the following questions. At any point, have you:

  1. Written a war-themed screenplay set in the 1950’s, but then last-minute added one female character to play someone’s wife and, “subtly nod at the notion of the Bechdel test” without actually passing it whatsoever?
  2. Cut a woman off in the middle of a conversation you’re not part of to explain what “ally” means, just so everyone could “be on the same page”?
  3. Kissed someone’s pug on the mouth while still animatedly refusing to reciprocate oral sex for your female partner, because you “respect the temple of her body” too much?
  4. Let a woman pay on the first date to “break down social constructs around gender” after insisting you two go to a top-Michelin-star restaurant with a $500 tasting menu?
  5. Said “#MeToo” not understanding what it meant, and, instead of asking a woman, assumed it was a cuter way of saying “Me too! I support women too!”
  6. Gone to the chiropractor and, under the section for describing why you scheduled the visit, written: “tension in my shoulders because of our current political climate and also the treatment of women”?
  7. Overheard a woman talking about the bathroom not having tampons and snapped your fingers as if you were at a poetry slam and just felt something that really resonated with you?
  8. All of the above but while wearing Tevas?


If you answered yes to more than half of these, congrats! You’re a self-defined male-feminist!

So, whether you’re at the office, at a predominantly male stand-up comedy open mic, or even just walking in the vague direction of a Planned Parenthood, it’s important to let the women you meet know that this isn’t just their struggle, because you’re a self-defined male-feminist.

Go get ’em, Tiger!


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