If You Think Girls Poop, You’re Unfortunately The Worst Kind of Sexist

white toilet paper
Photo by hermaion on Pexels.com

In the mid-1800s, ladies lacked a lot of the basic rights we have now (kind of). Women couldn’t vote, own property, or keep their own earnings. All of these rules were created by the nasty men who were in power at the time (and still are). But when one small-town man walked into his bathroom, pinched his nose, and asked his wife if she had just taken a dump, he became worst sexist of the decade.

Over the years, it proved difficult to make any real changes. In 1872, female federal employees were finally promised equal pay for equal work, but private companies still proudly paid women less than men. In one Ford factory that year, an underpaid woman asked to use the restroom. When a coworker joked to a buddy “Haha, do you think she’s going to drop a deuce?” he was actually dubbed the worst sexist of 1872.

In 1953, Jerrie Cobb was the first U.S. woman to undergo astronaut testing. Unfortunately, NASA cancelled the women’s program in 1963, preventing women (including Jerrie) from going to space for another 20 years. Despite all that, when a man asked a woman coming out of a restaurant bathroom if she was in there “doing a number two,” he officially became the worst sexist in America.

In 1972, Title IX of the Education Amendments officially prohibited sex discrimination in federally funded schools. In one suburban high school that year, a junior girl took longer than usual in the bathroom. When she walked back into her English classroom, one boy joked loudly “that bitch just dropped a dookie!” Despite her attempts, this woman was not able to sue her classmate for this repugnant sexist behavior.

History continues to unfold before our very eyes. Over the last year, women have made waves with the #MeToo movement. Romola Garai was one of the many women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Just before her testimony, one strange man told her she looked like she  “she needed to take a massive shit.” This man, like the others, will face no consequences for his disgusting behavior. Here’s hoping things change for the better soon.


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