Man Abandons Wife and Daughters in Pursuit of Juul Cartridge


Bethany, 49, and her three daughters, ages 12, 9, and 7, were recently abandoned by Cory, 52, their former loving father and husband.

According to Bethany, his distraught wife, Cory hadn’t been the same since he’d put down cigarettes and picked up… the Juul.

“Don’t get me wrong. At first, the girls and I were so excited he’d stopped smoking cigarettes. He smelled better. He looked better. Between you and me, he tasted better,” Bethany told authorities through violent tears.

“I mean, granted, he brought that darn thing everywhere. He was puffing on that stick more than he ever puffed on cigs. The moment he’d wake up, he was juuling. Driving our kids to school, he was pulling on that Juul. At the construction site… that’s where he worked… you best believe he had his lips all over that Juul. Even when we’d make love, he barely kissed me, as his mouth was too busy  sucking away on that goddamn Juul. I started to think of him as less of a husband and father, and more of a SLAVE to the Juul,” Bethany lamented, her daughters huddled around her.

“One time, daddy took his Juul, locked himself in our linen closet, and belted The Way You Look Tonight for 6 hours straight,” said Tiff, his eldest daughter.

“The night I starred in my school’s musical, Brigadoon, security found my daddy in the janitor’s closet outside the theater, rocking back and forth with his Juul. He missed my solo and everything,” said Elsa, his middle child.

“On my seventh birthday, I asked my daddy if he loved his Juul more than he loved me, and he said, ‘Yea way more for sure,” said Brit, his youngest, sobbing for her absent father.

Things were bad already. But then, the worst happened.

The local smoke shop had run out of Juul cartridges, and was not interested in ordering more.

That’s when Cory, according to Bethany, “went off the deep end.”

“He stopped sleeping. He stopped eating. He stopped touching me. He stopped touching himself. All he did was suck on the end of that Juul stick like a goddamn maniac, knowing it was dead and out of mango cool mint juice or whatever, ” Bethany recounted.

Bethany continued, “I said to him, ‘ Cory, without Juul, you’re still Cory,” and then, I’ll never forget it, he turned to me and screamed with an evil look in his eye, ‘FUCK YOU BITCH!”

The next day, Cory was gone.

All he left was a scrap of paper that said, ” Went to look for juul cartridge, goodbye forever.” And that was it. Nothing more. To Bethany, Tiff, Elsa, and Brit, Cory may as well be dead.

You’d think a husband and father to three children would put a little more thought into leaving his family for a Juul cartridge, but according to Bethany, ” We weren’t his family anymore. Juul was his family. To him, we were nothing.”

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