Annotated Notes from Donald Trump’s First Netflix Special Brainstorming Session


Proposed titles:

Trumpette [he’s always been a little alternative – Kellyanne]

I Can Say All of This and STILL Get the Nomination in 2020 [Seems a little literal but I like where your head is at, sir- Sarah]

The Shithole Special [this could work but we’d need to move up the deadline, the base is starting to move on to his other xenophobic material- Kellyanne]

Adult Gorgeous [good for the hot daughter and sis material, haha!!- Don J] [cool- Ivanka]

That Woman Has a Horseface [this one is #best- FLOTUS]

The Art of the Tweet  [haha- Jack]

Baby Collusion [haha- Vladimir]

Elder Baby Boomer [Dearest Colleagues- Greetings from the great, sweltering state of Alabama. My assistant, Kimberley Finch, is typing this telegram for me on a silver typewriter with a glowing apple on the back of its attached television screen. This title is fine. Please write back if you receive this message. Thank you. Sincerely, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions]

A Speck of Denuclearization [I like it but let’s check with Kim J- Hannity]

Homecoming King of USA Town, USA [relatable, original, good for the base. Maybe it should be White* Homecoming King?- Stephen Miller] [but can we fly there- Steve Mnuchin]

One of the Greats [I think I’ve seen this one- Ivanka] [hey yeah I think I’ve seen this one too- Jared] [doesn’t matter we can use it- Kellyanne]

Grab ‘Em by the [Kellyanne, we need an edit here- Sarah]

I Did This Before Obama [haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wrote this, haha- Don J]

Fake News! Witch Hunt! 2 Word Catch Phrases! [Is Eric shared on this Google Doc?- KellyAnne] [No, he DM’ed me these and asked me to post in the doc. Drive confuses him- Sarah]

Very Stable Genius [yes- Sarah] [yes-Stephen M] [yes-Kellyanne] [haha!!!!!!!!!- Don J] [yes- Jack]

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