How To Put A Positive Spin On Your Abysmal Financial State

cash coins money pattern
My savings account

Harsh reality: You’re straight-up poor.
Positive spin: “I’m a free spirit!”

Harsh reality: You make most of your income walking dogs.
Positive spin: “I’m a freelance writer!”

Harsh reality: You make so little money you sometimes don’t know how you even survive.
Positive spin: “I’m brave!”

Harsh reality: You’re scrambling to pay your rent.
Positive spin: “I’m dipping your toe in several different fields!”

Harsh reality: You’re selling all your clothes so you can pay your credit card bill.
Positive spin: “I’m downsizing! I’m a minimalist!”

Harsh reality: You’ve risked everything for a creative career and better get a fucking break soon, or else…
Positive spin: “I’m creating my own opportunities and optimistic about the future!”

Harsh reality: You can’t afford to eat more than once a day.
Positive spin: “I’m thinner than ever!”

Harsh reality: Every time you check your bank account, you scream
Positive spin: “I’ve been practicing vocal exercises!”

Harsh reality: You’re so desperate you’ll do literally anything for money.
Positive spin: “I’ve been having a lot of sex lately!”

Harsh reality: Fuck fuck fuck FUCK fuuuuuck!
Positive spin: “Fuck!”

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