‘Did You Hear’ Social Media App


Dear Investor,

Thank you for considering an investment in ‘Did You Hear?’TM, the social media app that forces users to ask each other ‘Did You Hear?’TM.

’Did You Hear?’TM works because of the human urge to share information in an emergency, and the ability of our app to make people feel that emergency.

Our patented Far Fetched But PlausibleTM algorithm generates a carefully curated Outrage MenuTM  designed for maximum engagement!

Step 1: Anxiety prompts the user to reach for their phone.

Step 2: Did You HearTM turns that anxiety into disgust, fear, and anger.

Step 3: The user, outraged, turns to the nearest person to ask “Did You Hear?”TM

With your investment, you’ll assist us in bringing people together!*

Thank you for your participation!

*Did You Hear LLC (‘DYH’) has no legal liability for incitement of verbal or physical assault perpetrated by its users. Furthermore, DYH is not beholden to any 3rd party (including dictionary) definition of ‘news’, and retains the right to define ‘news’ as ‘anything the user is willing to click on’.

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